About Me


About Me

Hi, I’m Tanya and I live in Cardiff with my little family and furry animals.  I originally hail from a little seaside town in West Wales - Aberystwyth. 

I’ve always wanted a little business, something to call my own.  Whilst we were hunkered down during Lockdown 2020, trying to manage my day job and look after my son, I felt like I had more head space to think about the idea and also felt inspired by the more relaxed, slower pace of life.  And that's not forgetting all the local small businesses who were coming into their own during what was a strange time for us all! 


So here I am, launching my new venture - Mason Blooms - my little attempt to brighten up your day with some beautiful dried flower arrangements, with a host of gorgeous colours and unique, contemporary design ideas.

If there’s something on the website you like, but you’d like it bigger / smaller / in a different colour, or you’d like something completely custom made to suit your personal tastes, then please do not hesitate to get it touch via the contact form.